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Saint Andrew’s Church

The Venerable chapel

Although the chapel dates from the 17th century the architectural style is gothic. It is not a coincidence that the chapel is in the southern part of the church because the abundant sunlight symbolises Jesus’s loving presence. This love is celebrated in the Eucharist, the Holy or Venerable (i.e. honourable) Sacrament, when bread is broken as Jesus did at the Last Supper.

Consequently The Last Supper (Pieter I Eyckens) is the altar piece in this chapel. Judas’s betrayal may be an allusion to the necessity of the believer’s integrity to receive communion.

The two horizontal panels against the choir wall (Frans II Francken) used to form a unit with the former altar triptych. Both represent a scene from the Old Testament in which bread plays a central role. Abraham Blessed by Melchizedek and The Bread from Heaven are prefigurations of the Last Supper and as such of the Eucharistic.

The Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament is still active today. Behind the pew is the complete list of all the chapel wardens who served since the year 1589: a testimony of unwearying commitment throughout the times.