Antwerp, Churches and Tourism
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Antwerp, Churches and Tourism

Dear visitor, welcome in Antwerp and in one of the many beautiful churches in our city. You will be amazed by its eventful history and so much marvellous creativity. The numerous church towers invite you from afar to come and enjoy peace and timeless beauty. Here you will find all the information you need for your tourist visit.

And you, dear visitor from the United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States, should feel at home in our city because you will be surprised how ‘British’, ‘Irish’ or ‘American’ Antwerp is. Indeed, our city is also your city. You will find everything about our mutual relations in the guestbooks Dear Visitors from Great-Britain and Ireland, welcome in Antwerp!

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Practical Informations:
Which churches, where, when and how to visit

Individual tours

Group tours
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Church services
Praying together in Antwerp

Monumental churches
Find here all available information for each church

All churches on one map

The monumental churches in the Kempen

For Cross and Statue:
Marian and other religious façades

Night of the Churches:
Once a year the Antwerp churches open their doors at night...

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Dear Visitors, welcome in Antwerp!

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