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Christ the King Church

Christ the King Church is quite different from all the other Antwerp churches.

Architect Jos Smolderen conceived this art deco church of Romanesque byzantine inspiration, as a pavilion of Flemish religious art for the Antwerp Universal Exhibition of 1930. Afterwards it became a parish church. With its 64m tall tower and three monumental domes it is a prominent element of the city skyline.

It is a cross-shaped basilica oriented from east to west. Its interior is strongly determined by the magnificent incidence of light. The neo-styles have a strikingly homogenous character, which shows best in the usage of mainly white marble and brass for the numerous altars, the pulpit, the choir stalls, the communion rails and the confessionals.

Also due to the contemporary works of art this church is an exceptional experience: the extraordinary stained glass windows by Jos Michiels (Calders Workshop), the austere sculptures by Alfons De Roeck and the magnificent luminaires.

A special attraction is the enormous electropneumatic Klais Organ (1930) with 5,564 pipes, which is regularly played in concerts and masses and during the annual organ cycle in October.

The church is within easy reach by private and public transport. It is open to visitors every day. Not to be missed!

Via THIS MAP you can determine a route in function of your means of transport. You might want to use VELO-Antwerpen :

Practical information

Holy masses: Sunday: 11h00 (Concert Mass every 1st Sunday of the month from September to June)  Opening hours: Monday – Satuday: 09h00 – 12h00 Sunday: 10h30 – 12h00 Provided there are no special services Free entrance  Information:  Open churches    Presbytery Louis Straussstraat 1 2020 Antwerpen +32 (0)3 237 58 47