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Saint Andrew's Church Antwerp

The Path of Life

A row of shoes arranged in order of increasing size illustrates the path of life from beginning to end, until one pops off and turns – here quite literally – a final corner. Search where you stand on this life journey. If the shoe fits, wear it (but please do not take this too literally).

At the end there is a suitcase with this question on it:

‘What do you take along on your last voyage?’

Do shake the case and find the answer:

‘Nothing material!’

What you do take along are the good, true and beautiful things you have realized in your life.

The itinerary ends at the monument for the deceased, where water bubbles up in the holy-water font. In one of the last verses of the Bible the survivors can find their hope:

‘To the thirsty I will give a gift from the spring of life-giving water.’ (Rev. 21:6)