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Borgerhout, Saint John the Evangelist church

Neo-Romanesque church, built by architect F. Baeckelmans (1890). The ground plan features a basilical cross, with striking semi-circular structures and merging arches. The triforium (gallery) encompasses the whole church. The tower is particularly robust. Simple interior decoration. There is a unique set of stations of the cross (J.W. Rosier, 1908), painted on brass with brass frames. There are 16th and 18th century paintings by P. Thijs and W.J. Herreyns respectively. Anneessen organ from 1895.

The church was withdrawn from worship in 2018. The first public activity was a successful rag-and-bone market … in the presence of the prestigious high altar. O tempora, o mores.

The church, which with its robust and unique tower is one of the most important eye-catchers of Antwerp as from the Ring Road – especially if you come from Liège via the E313 or from Eindhoven via the E34 – functioned for more than a century as a triumphal sign of Christianity. For those of you who now know, the tower cross now stands as a symbol of past glory and of a waning church community.

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