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Tourism Pastoral, Diocese of Antwerp (TOPA vzw)

Saint Eligius Church

Nicely restored (around 1990) neo-Gothic church from 1905. Delicate interior decoration (including the wainscotings) fully in the style of the building. Sculpted granite pulpit (Mouffart) and polychrome stations of the Cross in bas-relief (A. De Beule). Magnificent stained glass windows by Gust Ladon and C. Ganton. The impressive marble tomb in memory of Constance Teichmann is unique in Antwerp.

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Practical information

Holy masses
  • The third Sunday of each month: Eucharist at 10h30
  • Every other Sunday: word and communion services at 10h30
  • Every Sunday at 12h30: Eucharist in the CHALDEAN rite.
Visiting hours On request via +32 (0)479 42 89 88    Presbytery Onderwijsstraat 38 2060 Antwerpen Tel. +32 (0)479 42 89 88