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Tourism Pastoral, Diocese of Antwerp (TOPA vzw)

Saint Andrew’s Church

The choir

Above this baptismal font a.o. the famous Flemish authors Hendrik Conscience (1812) and Lode Zielens (1903) were christened.

Choir stalls (end 16th century)

The guardian angel, painting by Erasmus Quellinus II (1667).

Dame Fortune seduces a young man three times: she offers him the laurel crown of fame and a golden crown of power, while with a sceptre she points at the riches in the bags with golden coins.

Paintings of the 36 saints, on panel, Thedoor Boeyermans, 17th century.

After the Antwerp Our Saviour’s Abbey, in Pieter Potstraat, had been closed, the relics of 36 saints found a home in the church in 1802. In 1845 Jan Pieter Antoon Verschuylen made their enormous silver reliquary, which was carried by 16 men in the magnificent former times processions. Today the shrine can be admired in the church, next to the entrance.

Most of the 17th century panels that used to be part of it are now above the choir stalls. At the occasion of the procession the whole collection was exhibited on an enormous plinth in the middle of the church. There are different kinds of saints: martyrs, including Saint Agatha, who lost a breast by amputation; Saint Anselm as a spiritual writer; Saint Giles the hermit; Saint Ivo, a socially inspired lawyer who worked ‘pro Deo’; and an example of charity such as Saint Elisabeth of Hungary. Watch attentively and you will notice that eight photos of more recent saints have been added: among them Thomas More, father Damian and Edith Stein. A mirror is the final point: can you discover the possibly new saint?