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Tourism Pastoral, Diocese of Antwerp (TOPA vzw)


The port of Antwerp in Austrian times

Dear visitor, welcome to Antwerp and to one of the many beautiful churches in our city. You will be amazed by its eventful history and so much marvellous creativity. The numerous church towers invite you from afar to come and enjoy peace and timeless beauty. Here you will find all the information you need for your tourist visit:

And you, dear visitor from the United Kingdom or Ireland, should feel at home in our city because you will be surprised how ‘British’, or ‘Irish’ Antwerp is. Indeed, our city is also your city. You will find everything about our mutual relations in the guestbook Dear Visitors from Great-Britain and Ireland, welcome to Antwerp!

What are you looking for?

  • Would you like to find out easily which churches you can visit? Where to find them? When you can visit them? Go to practical information.


  • Come have a look and let our cordial guides lead you around. They will be happy to help you uncover the unknown stories and the hidden symbolism. There are several possibilities.
    • Would you like an individual tour of one of the five tourist churches? (These are free of charge and without pre-registration. Also consult the church’s valvas on site or ask at the counter).
    • Would you like a group tour in the five tourist churches? (These are, of course, chargeable)


  • Would you like to attend a church service? Then make your choice here for your own church community: Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Protestant (as far as affiliated with the Ecumenical Antwerp Council of Churches). You will also find foreign-language church services here.

On this website you can already get to know the churches extensively.

  • On this website you will find both a short introduction or a detailed description, as well as cultural and scientific information. Make your own choice:
    • Would you like to make a brief acquaintance? A tastemaker will help you get started. For the five tourist churches, these descriptions are available in several languages. See the TOPA website in the relevant language.
    •  Do you opt to enjoy more intensely the art treasures in our churches? Then you will certainly find what you are looking for in the detailed description. You will be amazed by the narrative imagery and the hidden symbolism, but also by their eventful history and how the work of art is interwoven with contemporary socio-cultural life.
    • The third level is the dynamic scientific forum, where experts can find footnotes and the most important points for discussion per work of art. (still under development).


  • Is reading maps more convenient for you? This is also possible via this interactive map of the monumental churches in the diocese of Antwerp.
  • Are you heading out in the province of Antwerp? Numerous churches worth seeing are located in the Kempen on your route. Consult the churches’ own websites and that of TOPA:

And what do you discover in our city, walking from church to church?

  • Not only inside the churches, but also outside on the street, the ‘good news’ is portrayed. These religious street scenes are very typical of Antwerp, especially the graceful Marian statues greeting you at the street corners.


  • Our themed walks will help you discover the city and its churches better. You will be inspired by the annual theme of the Night of the Churches.


  • If you want to experience the art of so much beauty quietly and intensely, you can rely on our publications (usually available in any tourist church).
    • To prepare your visit thoroughly or to enjoy it for a longer period of time, immerse yourself in one of the art books on each of the five tourist churches.
    • A series of international guestbooks each highlight the manifold relationships between one particular country and Antwerp. There is also Dear Visitors from Great-Britain and Ireland, welcome to Antwerp!


  • Furthermore, you can stay up to date about the exhibitions that TOPA itself organises, supports or contributes to.


  • Should you wish to reflect on holiday and travel, you will find a range of texts here that can inspire you. Among other things, there is an international prayer for tourists, as it has resounded for years under the vaults of Antwerp Cathedral as a resting place on the road of life.


Our mission at ToerismePastoraal Antwerpen (Tourism Pastoral Antwerp) (TOPA vzw) is: to serve people in their journey towards more social, cultural and spiritual depth. Focused on art tourism, our motto in the churches is: “to make stones speak“. We are happy to share our experiences with anyone who aims to do so. Would you like to know more about our association: Who are we?