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2004 - Rubens, no stranger to the world

March 6 - September 12, 2004

Rubens is omnipresent in the monumental, historical churches of Antwerp. For the first time, the churches of Saint Charles Borromeo, Saint James, Saint Paul and Our Lady’s Cathedral present themselves to the public together. In these four religious places, Rubens allows himself to be admired with many of his most famous works of art in the surroundings for which they were intended. In each church, Rubens presents himself with a different facet of his personality under the motto “Rubens, no stranger to the world”:

Our Lady’s Cathedral: Rubens, icon of Antwerp. ==> The panel texts displayed in the cathedral.

Saint Charles Borromeo’s Church: Rubens, project manager. ==> The panel texts displayed in the Saint-Charles Borromeo’s church.

Saint James’s Church: Rubens, family man. ==> The panel texts displayed in the Saint James’ church.

Saint Paul’s Church: Rubens, colleague. ==> The panel texts displayed in the Saint Paul’s Church.

Also visit the website of the Rubenianum, research institute for Flemish art of the 16th and 17th centuries.