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Tourism Pastoral, Diocese of Antwerp (TOPA vzw)


Saturday, August 14, 2021


A sneak preview

After the 9th edition of the Night had to die a silent death last year with the theme “Space for silence”, there is now finally some clarity in the organisation of events and thus also in this new Night of Churches. We think it is important to continue the tradition. Therefore, as usual, this 10th edition will take place on the Saturday in the Antwerp fairground week, this year on 14 August, just before Our Lady of the Assumption, Mother’s Day. The theme is not linked to history or art.

With the theme “OPEN!” we simply want to express our HOPE for a new era, an era in which we all

  • welcome in an open church with an open mind,
  • let enjoy the open space – the feeling of space – with all their senses,
  • who are looking for authenticity, reach out a hand
  • through silence and tranquillity, invite to connect with the Mystery (of God), less cultural history, more religion, so to speak.

The fact that twenty churches from Antwerp and the districts responded to our invitation makes us look forward with hope to a new era in which the space for silence, for the mystical and the transcendent, becomes audible, visible and tangible.