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Monumental Churches in Antwerp

El puerto de Amberes en la época austríaca

Each church invites you to a discovery.
Be convinced: you will be amazed more than once!

On this website you will find both a short introduction or a detailed description, as well as cultural and scientific information. Make your own choice:

  • Would you like to make a brief acquaintance? An appetizer will help you get started. For the five tourist churches, these descriptions are available in several languages.See the TOPA website in the relevant language.
  • Do you opt to enjoy more intensely the art treasures in our churches? Then you will certainly find what you are looking for in the detailed description. You will be amazed by the narrative imagery and the hidden symbolism, but also by their eventful history and how the work of art is interwoven with contemporary socio-cultural life.
  • The third level is the dynamic scientific forum, where experts can find footnotes and the most important points for discussion per work of art. (still under development).

The five tourist churches in the heart of Antwerp

In the historic centre of Antwerp, five well-known monumental churches are equally important tourist attractions.
Information about these worth seeing churches can be found using the tiles below.

All other churches of Antwerp

In addition to the five well-known tourist churches in the city centre, you can visit numerous other art-historically important churches both in the city centre and in the Antwerp districts.

Although not all of them are really within walking distance of the Scheldt quays, they are all easily accessible. Just like the ‘big five’, they are steeped in history and art-historical importance. Each has its own character. Each of these religious monuments invites you to an exploration.

Information about these churches in Antwerp can be found via the tiles below.

The other churches in the Antwerp district

The churches in the other town districts.

Wilrijk, Saint Bavo’s Church

Wilrijk, Saint Bavo’s Church

Still to come ...

In addition to many churches, Antwerp also has some remarkable chapels.