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Saint Paul’s Church

History and description

Saint Paul’s,

the Antwerp Dominican church,

a revelation

Rudi Mannaerts

Toerismepastoraal Antwerpen

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Bird view plan of Antwerp, woodcut by Virgilius Bononiensis, 1565, detail of the Saint Paul's Church © Plantijn-Moretus Museum / Print Room Antwerp


The original ducth edition

Rudi MANNAERTS, Sint-Paulus, de Antwerpse dominicanenkerk, een openbaring was published by vzw Maria-Elisabeth Belpaire and vzw Toerismepastoraal Antwerpen, with the support of the Willy Hendrickx foundation.

Coördination Lisbet Lenaers
Redaction Fred Vanderpoorten
Layout For the book: Frederik Hulstaert, Antwerpen
For the website: Marc Dehaese
Fotographs For the book: Stefan Dewickere, Edegem, except otherwise mentioned
For the: Jan Vanes, except otherwise mentioned
Printed by Albe De Coker, Hoboken
Illustrations Katrijn Mannaerts (drawings)
Thanks to Gerd Brits, Chris Deen, Piet De Smet, Ines Maes, Raymond Sirjacobs, Peter Stremes, Alfons Van Den Wyngaert, Mimi Van der Velden, Raymond Van Wassenhoven o.p., Kerkfabriek Sint-Paulus
ISBN 9789080645165
Legal deposit D/2014/9326/1

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Heilige Geeststraat 21, 2000 Antwerpen