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Saint Andrew’s Church

History and description


Saint Andrew’s Church, Antwerp

A revelation

Rudi Mannaerts

Tourism Pastoral, Antwerp

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Sint-Andries bij nacht


The original Dutch edition

Rudi Mannaerts, Sint-Andries · De Antwerpse Sint-Andrieskerk, een openbaring was edited by vzw Maria-Elisabeth Belpaire and Toerismepastoraal Antwerpen, with the support of the Willy Hendrickx foundation. This book (in Dutch) was edited in Antwerp on June the 26th 2013.

Rudi Mannaerts studied art history at the Louvain university and was ordained as priest for the bishopric of Antwerp in 1989. Being responsible for Tourism Pastoral in Antwerp, he takes care of revealing the Antwerp churches. He oversees the training the guides and has various publications on church art on his behalf. He is also a teacher of religion in secondary education (St. Lievenscollege) and pastor of the Saint Andrew parish.

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Museum Plantin-Moretus/Prentenkabinet Antwerpen · UNESCO World Heritage
Katrijn Mannaerts (drawings)
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TranslationFred Vanderpoorten 
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