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Our Lady's Cathedral

History and description

Vogelzichtplan van Antwerpen, houtsnede van Virgilius Bononiensis, 1565 - detail met de kathedraal

The cathedral,

Our Lady’s Cathedral of Antwerp

a revelation

Rudi Mannaerts

Toerismepastoraal Antwerp

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Tour de la cathédrale d’Anvers – coloured litho, Louis Granello, Antwerpen, 19th century - © TOPA-Documentatiecentrum, Antwerps Kerkelijk Erfgoed


Rudi MANNAERTS, The Cathedral, Our Lady’s Cathedral of Antwerp, a revelation was published in June 2018 by vzw Maria-Elisabeth Belpaire and Toerismepastoraal Antwerpen, with the support of the Willy Hendrickx foundation.

First published in June 2016 as De kathedraal – De Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal van Antwerpen, een openbaring

Rudi Mannaerts studied art history at the Catholic University of Leuven and was ordained a priest for the Antwerp diocese in 1989. As the head of the Pastoral Touristic Service in Antwerp he promotes the disclosure of the Antwerp churches.

He is responsible for the training of tourist guides and has published several books on ecclesiastical art. He also teaches religion in a secondary school (Sint-Lievenscollege) and is the vicar of Saint Andrew’s parish.

Coördination Lisbet Lenaers
Translation Fred Vanderpoorten, Alan Harrison SJ
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For the website: Jan Vanes (JV), Uli Alexander (UA), Wim Strecker (WS) en Marc Dehaese (MD), unless state otherwise
Printing Albe De Coker, Hoboken
Illustrations Katrijn Mannaerts (drawings)
Documentation centre Toerismepastoraal Antwerp
Our thanks to Ulrich Alexander, Chris Deen, Patricia Hernaltsteen, Hannes Hulstaert, Ines Maes, Katrijn Mannaerts, Peter Stremes, Jan Vanes, Alfons Van den Wyngaert, Mimi Van der Velden, Churchwardens and staff of Our Lady’s Cathedral Antwerp
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