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A triple crown: a headgear consisting of three crowns placed one above the other. It was worn by popes at official, non-liturgical ceremonies from the beginning of the 14th century until 1964, when Pope Paul VI renounced his tiara in order to sell it in favour of development aid.


A long-sleeved, half-length white robe worn over a cassock. Rochet is a synonym.


A long strip of cloth worn around the neck by the priest, the two ends of which are of equal length at the front. The stole is worn during mass and the administration of the other sacraments.


A long, usually black, garment that reaches down to the feet and is closed at the front from bottom to top with small buttons. Synonym: soutane.


A small silk headgear in the shape of a bowler cap, which is very similar to a Jewish kippa. It is worn by bishops [purple], cardinals [red] and the pope [white].


A shoulder garment consisting of a piece of cloth the width of the shoulders, with an opening for the head and covering the entire front and back of a  habit. It is worn by various religious orders, including Trappists, Carmelites, Alexians, …


The ceremonial headgear of bishops and abbots. The front and back are identical pentagons pointing upwards.


Sleeveless coloured garment worn by the priest above the alb and the stole during mass.


Headgear worn by female religious. Until the Second Vatican Council, all nuns wore wimples, which covered the entire hair and neck. Nowadays, the veil is usually worn on the hair.


General name for the typical clothing of a particular religious order. A long-sleeved, unbuttoned robe down to the feet, usually with a hood attached. This attire is typical of monks and nuns.