A vestment like a chasuble but differing in that it has sleeves. A dalmatic is a typical garment worn by deacons during liturgical ceremonies.

Clerical collar

Upright white collar, worn by a priest as a part of a (usually black) shirt under a (mostly) black suit.


A usually white cord that a person wearing an alb ties around the waist. A cincture is also the wide sash that a priest sometimes wears around his waist on his cassock.


A red velvet cap trimmed with white fur, worn by popes.


Square cap traditionally worn by priests together with the cassock. It is usually black and has three peaks or horns that meet in the middle mostly under a tuft. A Jesuit biretta has four peaks.


A long white robe with long sleeves, worn during religious ceremonies by priests, deacons, pastoral workers, altar servers and acolytes.