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Madonnas & religious statues in the Antwerp streets

At many corners of the Antwerp streets and squares one is greeted by a graceful Madonna statue. The Antwerp citizen is used to it, but to an alien visitor is often surprised by how many and how artfully these street scenes are. The imagination of the Catholic people of Antwerp has repeatedly addressed and thrilled throughout the centuries. Surprisingly also is how much this material is useful in terms of street lighting and – even so more – is a social binder for the neighborhood.

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Calvary - Driehespenstraat
Our Lady with Child - Rijnpoortvest 18
Our Lady with Child - Paradijsstraat, Pieter van Hobokenstraat 26
Our Lady with Child - Lange Klarenstraat, Meir 39
vkb1.0129 - Onze-Lieve-Vrouw met Kind - Leeuwenstraat, Reyndersstraat 26-28
Saint Anthony the Great - Sint-Antoniusstraat 70